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Flow3rs uses web3 technology to enlist new communities into the fight against climate change by leveraging new incentives to unlock and rapidly multiply positive social impact.

We support artists who want to contribute their work to climate action, contributing proceeds from the sale of digital artwork directly to buy and retire carbon credits from nature-based projects. 

We are creating a world in which technology and climate action live symbiotically, mobilizing climate impact at scale.

Our launch collection is net carbon negative, and features 200 unique pieces from 8 renowned artists

Please visit our dApp to browse the collection and learn more about the artwork.

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Showcase Auction
Our Showcase Auction has now closed. You can still view the featured artwork here.
General Auction
Our general auction begins on December 13. Pricing will be determined via a bucket auction mechanism.
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Benefits of Ownership

Where Climate Solutions
Meet ART

Proceeds from all Flow3rs transactions are used to retire carbon credits from nature-based projects that help reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere

Flow3rs Artists

Flow3rs features collectibles from 8 artists with a shared commitment to climate action.

Olive Allen

Olive Allen is a New York-based NFT artist and tech entrepreneur working at the intersection of art, tech, and gaming.

Danny Cole

Danny Cole is the 22-year-old artist and director of Creature World: an organization dedicated to making a magical world real through art.

Lindsey Byrnes

Lindsey Byrnes is a Los Angeles based photographer and creative director who freelances in time travel, world exploration and directional marketing.

Andre Oshea

Andre Oshea is a 28 year old 3D artist and animator living in Atlanta Georgia. Whose art explores themes related to the future, spirituality, journeys, and beauty

Ezra BrOwn

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Franky Nines is a multidisciplinary Artist and Content Creator. His career has spanned years of industry experience with a background in gaming and mobile development.

Maxwell Tilse

Maxwell Tilse is a 23 year old self taught artist from Sydney, Australia. His work is done predominantly with Indian ink and nib, pen and marker.

Gab Jetski

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Flow3rs is a climate responsible collection, where a portion of proceeds from all transactions contributes to retiring carbon credits from nature-based projects in the developing world.

We’ve selected high quality projects that have a measurable impact on carbon reduction in Indonesia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Project

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project is an initiative by InfiniteEARTH to reduce Indonesia’s emissions by preserving tropical peat swamp forest. This area, home to hundreds of species, was slated by the Provincial government to be converted into palm oil estates.

Project Objectives:

  • Promote reforms to provide women equal rights to economic resources
  • Increase agricultural productivity of small scale food producers
  • Protect wildlife, including species on the IUCN Red List

The Valparaiso Project seeks to help protect and conserve tropical forest along the Valparaiso River and Jurua River in the state of Acre, Brazil. This type of project is known as a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation project (REDD).

Project Objectives:

  • Employ local community members as forest guards or other project staff
  • Increase agricultural productivity of small scale food producers
  • Finance community improvements, including outreach and education 
NIHT Topaiyo

NIHT Inc. has partnered with the traditional landowners of New Ireland and East New Britain to put an end to deforestation initiated by industrial logging in the region. This forest protection project will provide substantial economic benefits to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide electricity in region, either through solar, water, or geothermal
  • Increase access to co-benefits such as education, technology, clean water, and healthcare in the region
  • Support clan business ventures and economic opportunity
Flow3rs x KnowCarbon

The Flow3rs NFT Collection Launching Live on December 1s

The Flow3rs NFT Collection Launching Live on December 1s

The Flow3rs NFT Collection Launching Live on December 1s

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How does the Flow3rs auction work?

During the auction, participants can initially bid any amount at or above 0.1 ETH (the “minimum bid”) and may continue to increase their bid throughout the auction. At the end of the auction, a clearing price is determined. Participants whose bid is at or above this final clearing price will be allocated NFTs based on their bid amount as a function of the clearing price (NFTs received = user bid / clearing price). Any bid amount that is not a multiple of the clearing price will be refunded to the user. Unsuccessful bids below the clearing price will receive a full refund. The NFTs will be allocated at random.

You can read below for more information about the clearing price.

What blockchain is the auction on?

The Flow3rs auction is verified on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What is a clearing price? 

A clearing price is the price at which a certain bid will “clear” and hence get an allocation in the auction. For example, if the clearing price is 1 ETH and you bid at or above 1 ETH, your bid clears and you will get allocated a piece in the auction.

How is the clearing price calculated?

The clearing price is determined by an optimization algorithm after the auction concludes. An algorithm determines the price that leads to the total fixed number of NFTs in our collection being allocated at the highest possible price. This is done by a grid-search algorithm where all possible bids between 0 and the highest bid given are evaluated with regards to the total number of NFTs sold and revenue generated. Of all potential clearing prices leading to a sale of all NFTs, the one with the highest overall revenue generated is picked.

The algorithm to calculate the clearing price will be open sourced for maximal transparency. If you want to find out more about the specifics of our optimization algorithm, please see our open source documentation here.

The Current Clearing Price shown on our leaderboard is calculated with the above and updates in real time based on recent bids. The final clearing price that determines the allocation is not calculated until the auction concludes on Friday, December 16 at 12PM EST.

How do I win the auction? 

In order to win, your total bid must be at or above the clearing price. If your bid is over the clearing price by several multiples of that price, you will receive a number of NFTs determined by your bid as a multiple of the clearing price. You will automatically receive a refund of any remaining balance. Unsuccessful bids below the clearing price will receive a full refund.For example, if you bid 2.7 ETH and the clearing price is 2 ETH, you will receive 2 Flow3rs NFTs and 0.7 ETH as a refund.

What happens if I win?

If you win, you will receive the corresponding number of NFTs in your digital wallet shortly after the auction ends, plus a single physical counterpart for each one (providing you notify us of your address upon redemption of the NFTs). You will also receive any excess ETH after the transaction completes.

What artwork do I receive if I win?

All winning NFTs are allocated at random and you will not know which piece you receive until the auction concludes and the NFT is deposited to your wallet. Each NFT is from one of our renowned artists; you can browse the app to see the full assortment.

The top 3 bidders will receive one additional NFT from the collection and the top 10 bidders will receive a copy of the Flow3rs book signed by all 8 artists.

Can I select the artwork I receive with a winning bid?

All winning NFTs are allocated at random; there is no option to individually select the artwork or artist you receive.

What happens if I lose?

Unsuccessful bids below the clearing price will receive a full refund. 

What is the official smart contract address for this auction?

The smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain at address 0x0854f167AB71AbfD0C3b972101e488B23c8cbE65. It can be reviewed here.